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Single Shot Probability of Kill calculator


The SSPK (Single Shot Probability of Kill) is the probability that a single launch will completely destroy a given target.

Circular Error Probable*: mAccuracy of weapon
Weapon yield*: ktExplosive power of weapon
Blast pressure required*:Blast pressure required to destroy target
Weapon reliability:%Total system reliability
Target diameter: mDiameter of a circle encompassing 95% of the target
* Required



MISSILEMAP is an interactive data visualization by Alex Wellerstein, an associate professor of Science and Technology Studies in the College of Arts and Letters at the Stevens Institute of Technology.

MISSILEMAP is designed to make it easy to see the relationship between missile range, accuracy, and warhead size. It is especially developed for assistance in understanding the power of nuclear warheads and long-range missiles.

For more information about using this application, the making of this application, the limitations of the underlying mathematical models, and various simplifying assumptions applied to this visualization, please read the FAQ.

For more details about the explosive power of nuclear weapons, see NUKEMAP.

The hosting services that serve this application are provided by the College of Arts and Letters, Stevens Institute of Technology, in Hoboken, New Jersey, United States.

MISSILEMAP β0.2 by Alex Wellerstein, 2017-2018