Welcome to NUKEMAP3D

NUKEMAP3D is a 3D nuclear weapons effects simulator. It allows you to visualize the effects of nuclear weapons upon geographic areas you are familiar with.

In order to use NUKEMAP3D, you will need to install the Google Earth browser plug-in.

Get the Google Earth browser plug-in

If you are seeing this message, then you either don't have it installed, or it isn't working correctly. (Or there may be some other unspecified problem with this website and your browser, too. This message comes up if something is fundamentally broken.)

Also, the Google Earth Plug-in is not currently supported on mobile devices, including the iPhone or iPad. I know, it's lame, but it's up to Google, not me. Whenever they support it, I'll make sure NUKEMAP3D works on them to some capacity as well.

As of late 2014, the Chrome browser team has stopped supporting the plugin technology that the Google Earth Plugin currently requires. If you are using Chrome, you must switch to a different browser (i.e. Safari, Firefox) to use NUKEMAP3D. If you find this incredibly irritating, rest assured, so do I.

If you can't get this site to work, you should try using NUKEMAP2.